Online Business Start Up Costs

Online business start up costs can vary enormously. However, starting an online business, is still a fraction of the cost of starting a traditional high street venture. Traditional businesses incur expenses like, rents, rates, stocking costs, implementation of safety and health obligations for staff and customers, heating and lighting, and equipment, to name a few….

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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What is affiliate marketing, and how does it work? Affiliate marketing is one of the backbones of the ecommerce world. (Note: links to your free video series are included in this article. Enjoy!) People from all backgrounds, stay at home parents, entrepreneurs, working moms and dads, retirees, teenagers, even kids as young as 6 or…

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What Is The Alternative To A Monthly Salary?

Recently I was asked what was “the alternative to a monthly salary?” Besides being able to choose WHAT we spend our time and resources on, it is also extremely fulfilling and includes some of the benefits I mention in my answer below…… Hi Jerry – well, the short answer is “work for ourselves”. If we…

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Do You Want To Flourish Or Self Destruct?

“Life gives us the option to flourish or self destruct.” Those words were spoken to me by a mentor I had many years ago. Wise words that have given me the ability to understand how to respond when times have become challenging. Right now we are experiencing such times. For some of us there is…

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A Flight Attendant And An Oxygen Mask!

What has a flight attendant and an oxygen mask got to do with online business? Long before the Covid crisis I paid a visit to a friend of mine in Europe. I traveled by plane, and as we taxi’d to the runway for take off, the flight attendant began the mandatory safety announcement. You know…

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What Is Your Vision Of Your Future?

What is your vision of your future? Have you a plan? Where will you be in a month, a year or a decade from now? Will you continue to be “locked in the moment” or will you be free and living life on your terms? “Vision is a gift that we all have but seldom…

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New Skills For A New World

Acquiring new skills for a new world is becoming the new normal today. Everywhere you look you find businesses that were trading successfully pre covid 19 have now raced to get online. Or, at least update and invest more in their online presence than before. What applies to business, also applies to us individuals. The…

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How Can I Deal With A Job I Hate?

This question is asked by thousands of us everyday as we commute to a job that we really hate. It is the question that only a few ever get the answer to. The question itself gives an insight into how we see our world. We view it through a lens that sees frustration, lack of…

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Isolation And Opportunity!

Self isolation, enforced isolation or simply living alone brings either hopelessness or opportunity. For those of us who experience the hopelessness, there is the reassurance that this will eventually pass. However, if we need to, we should reach out for help via our friends, relatives, and even official services, in order to cope better with…

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Covid 19 – The Cloud With A Silver Lining

The saying “every cloud has a silver lining” could also mean “every crisis presents an opportunity”. There are those too that say “never waste a good crisis”. The current extreme, almost apocalyptic conditions that are invading our countries, our homes, and our lives, are like nothing we have ever witnessed before. For some it will…

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