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Parenting and Digital Lifestyles!

Parenting and having a digital lifestyle can be the most rewarding “work life balance” experience you ever have. One of the best experiences that life can give is becoming a parent. The fact that we are responsible for another human being brings out emotions and inner resources that we were totally unaware of. Unfortunately sometimes,…

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Flourish Or Self Destruct?

“Life gives us the option to flourish or self destruct.” those words were spoken to me by a mentor I had many years ago. Wise words that have given me the ability to understand how to respond when times have become challenging. Right now we are experiencing such times. For some of us there is…

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The Flight Attendant & The Oxygen Mask

Long before the Covid crisis I paid a visit to a friend of mine in Europe. I traveled by plane, and as we taxi’d to the runway for take off, the flight attendant began the mandatory safety announcement. You know the one – it includes lifejackets, whistles, cabin lights etc. It also includes the “oxygen…

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Take Back Control Of Your Life

Are you working the “9 to 5” (or longer hours) and hating it? Are you trading your life for a paycheck? Are you missing important family occasions? Is workplace depression, becoming a part of your life? If you can relate to some, or all the above, the good news is – you are not alone….

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Time-More Precious Than Money

Time is precious. As I write this piece I’m 61 years old. My father died when he was 49. So far, I’ve lived 25% longer than he did and I miss him. However I am aware of how lucky I am to have survived this far, but also terrified that time is running out for…

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Quitting Your Job? Whats Next?

Quitting your job can be a difficult decision to make. But many of us wish to do just that. Most of my readers know that the purpose of my blog is to help others make decisions about finding an alternative to the “day job”. Every day thousands, even millions, across the world commute to a…

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Middle Aged?What’s My Options?

The guy is the picture to your left is me. I’m 61, I’m a grandfather, and I’ve been through a middle age crisis and then some. However,thanks to a few wake up calls and a determination to die happy, I made a few decisions that changed my circumstances. I am now heading into the best…

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Become A Digital Nomad

Eliminate the worry about “global viruses” or the reliance on the “9 to 5”. Work from home, or anywhere, become financially self sufficient, and get more control over your life. Be a digital nomad! Most of us have thought about achieving the above. But, we work in the traditional world of the 9 to 5,…

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Don’t Fear Fear, Be Terrified Of Regret

You fear going all in and getting out of the daily grind. You hesitate. You get cold feet. You know you can do it – you just cannot seem to make that “leap of faith”. You KNOW you’re worth more than your current circumstances. You’re frustrated with your life and need a solution.How do I…

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Work From Home or Anywhere

If your dream is to develop on online business or to earn money as an affiliate marketer,and work from home, or anywhere, then read on! Time Passes AnywayTime passes regardless of what you do or don’t do. You can choose to be in control of your life, or simply leave it to fate. The choice…

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