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What Is Your “Why?” Prepare To Understand It’s Power!

What is your WHY? In other words, what motivation have you for starting your online business? Why? Because unless your “why” is the correct one, you will fail – guaranteed! WHY do I want to succeed in the online world? The reason, or reasons, that you have, may be straightforward. But reasons can be fickle….

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Parenting and Digital Lifestyles!

Parenting and having a digital lifestyle can be the most rewarding “work life balance” experience you ever have

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Online Business? What’s Stopping You?

What is it that stops you from moving forward? Do you toss and turn at night wondering what exactly must occur to make “that change”? We know deep down that we have more to offer, and we know that a fulfilling life is out there somewhere. We have ambitions, we have hopes and we have…

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How Can I Deal With A Job I Hate?

This question is asked by thousands of us everyday as we commute to a job that we really hate. It is the question that only a few ever get the answer to. The question itself gives an insight into how we see our world. We view it through a lens that sees frustration, lack of…

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Difficult People At Work?

Do you fine yourself dealing with difficult people at work? Is your day spent avoiding them, dreading any encounters, and wishing you could be anywhere else but in their space? Dealing with people who delight in “being difficult”, is an art from. It involves preparation, skill, and a laser like concentration. Being in their presence…

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Do You Want To Ditch The 9 To 5?

Do you desire to ditch your 9 to 5 job? Having worked in the 9 to 5 environment (and met some great people who are still friends) I came to a point one day where I realised I hated it. Yes. A strong word, but one that describes how I feel about an environment that…

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Is Your Job Causing You Pain?

You are a hardworking and tolerant person. You value work/life balance, but your job promotes the opposite and is causing you pain. Sometimes we find ourselves working in jobs that are totally out of alignment with “who we are”. We want to break free but we need the paycheck. Sound familiar? Are there aspects of…

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We All Have A Breaking Point

We go to work, leaving our loved ones with only a glimpse of us as we wave goodbye. We do the commute from hell. We get to work and crave a gesture of understanding from co workers who have zero interest in our problems. We all have a breaking point. Our day is spent inching…

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You Quit!! – Now What Do You Do?

It’s Monday morning. All weekend you have thought “I need to quit my job”It’s the stress. The people you work with. The customers. The monotony. The list just goes on. So, you go to work on Monday morning and you quit!!Simple as that. It’s been coming for a long time, but finally, it’s done. What…

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