Author: Michael Duffy

What Is Your “Why?” Prepare To Understand It’s Power!

What is your WHY? In other words, what motivation have you for starting your online business? Why? Because unless your “why” is the correct one, you will fail – guaranteed! WHY do I want to succeed in the online world? The reason, or reasons, that you have, may be straightforward. But reasons can be fickle….

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Parenting and Digital Lifestyles!

Parenting and having a digital lifestyle can be the most rewarding “work life balance” experience you ever have

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Online Business? What’s Stopping You?

What is it that stops you from moving forward? Do you toss and turn at night wondering what exactly must occur to make “that change”? We know deep down that we have more to offer, and we know that a fulfilling life is out there somewhere. We have ambitions, we have hopes and we have…

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Parenting And Having A Digital Lifestyle!

Parenting and having a digital lifestyle can be the most rewarding “work life balance” experience you ever have. One of the best experiences that life can give is becoming a parent. The fact that we are responsible for another human being brings out emotions and inner resources that we were totally unaware of. Unfortunately sometimes,…

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Reasons For Starting An Online Business

There are many reasons for starting an online business. Reasons are not an issue – we usually have a few. The real issue we have for NOT starting anything is usually overcoming the fear of beginning something that isn’t familiar. Yes – the fear of stepping out of our comfort zone, is the most common…

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Do You Want The 9 to 5 Lifestyle?

Do You Want The 9 to 5 Lifestyle? If it suits you then do it. If it has the perks you enjoy, like bonuses, days off, healthcare subsidies, and a decent salary, then why not? Meanwhile, I’m over here spending too little time with my family, I’m missing key milestones in their life, I dislike…

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Best Online Business Ideas For Beginners?

What are the best online ideas for beginners? There are thousands of online business ideas for beginners. So many in fact, that the choice is made more difficult for those starting out. Rather than give a list of ideas like. yoga, photography, clothes etc.,etc., let us look at it from a personal choice perspective. That…

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Online Business Start Up Costs

Online business start up costs can vary enormously. However, starting an online business, is still a fraction of the cost of starting a traditional high street venture. Traditional businesses incur expenses like, rents, rates, stocking costs, implementation of safety and health obligations for staff and customers, heating and lighting, and equipment, to name a few….

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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What is affiliate marketing, and how does it work? Affiliate marketing is one of the backbones of the ecommerce world. (Note: links to your free video series are included in this article. Enjoy!) People from all backgrounds, stay at home parents, entrepreneurs, working moms and dads, retirees, teenagers, even kids as young as 6 or…

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What Is The Alternative To A Monthly Salary?

Recently I was asked what was “the alternative to a monthly salary?” Besides being able to choose WHAT we spend our time and resources on, it is also extremely fulfilling and includes some of the benefits I mention in my answer below…… Hi Jerry – well, the short answer is “work for ourselves”. If we…

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