Follow your dreams – Not someone else’s!!

January 2020

Hello and, if you got this far into exploring your future online exploits, may I say it’s a pleasure to know you. First of all let me say I’m a real person, with a real ambition, to make it in the online digital business world and I genuinely want to help you do the same. My mantra/motto is “contribution, contribution, contribution” the three most important words in any endeavor.

I live in Ireland, in a place called “Drogheda” on the east coast, and if you are ever in Ireland I would be absolutely delighted to meet up.

Some background

Up to 2019 I had spent all my life working for either a yearly/monthly salary or a weekly wage packet. I had some great jobs, and some that simply left me feeling hollow, with no purpose and zero satisfaction. Having tried every self development course, book, and seminar I could find (and even finding time to get certified in adult learning and development, along with a diploma in life coaching) I found myself in a 9 to 5 grind, with a commute, that was killing me. All that effort and I still hadn’t found my purpose. It wasn’t good.

I experienced some personal challenges. My health suffered and I became depressed. Those events are real, with real consequences, and, if you have ever experienced any of them, you will understand how hard it is to recover. However, I did. With the help of both family and friends, I came through it,  and I came through it with the determination to create a life with both purpose AND security, vowing never to return to those days where the grind ruled, and almost destroyed my life. In short “I left the grind behind”.

So What happened?

I was travelling to Europe to visit a friend, and I had what I can only call an “epiphany” en route – It’s a long story so it’s in a separate post here.

Later on, while one day doing some research regarding online start ups I came across a video promoting the an online educational system and decided to reserve my (usually cynical) judgement and watch it without skipping, (as I would normally do). All I can say is I immediately felt it  resonating with me. James, the guy in the video, gave a truthful and refreshingly honest pitch about how the system had helped him, and could potentially enable me (or anyone with the drive and ambition) to succeed online.

The rest is history. I watched the videos, I signed up. It was, and continues to be, incredible. The learning curve was steep, but the results were beyond all my expectations. And I continue to learn every day.

This is all down to the incredible support from the team, along with the input of other “students” in the community, who just cannot do enough to encourage you with sharing their ideas and skills etc.

I can honestly say I went from zero to actually publishing a website (with marketing skills and a business plan) within the first two months. The investment was a fraction of the cost of starting up a “traditional business”,  the only real investment is the actual time and effort that one must put in to be successful.

This  is not for the faint hearted but that’s EXACTLY WHY it is successful for the few of us who push through the learning curve and succeed.

I now spend my time, updating my content, promoting my business and developing more online business skills than I thought possible. This leaves me with more freedom than I ever dreamed of, to actually live a life I enjoy, with the people I love, and boy it feels good.

Always remember: “If you want to get something from this life you have to GIVE something. It’s the law of the universe – even if you want to win the lottery you have to buy a ticket!

If you have the commitment, the vision and the passion to GET something  more for yourself and those you love and, are willing to GIVE your commitment of time and energy, then come join me.

I cannot promise you success, only you can deliver on that, but I can promise to be with you 100% on your journey. Be one of “the few” who succeed, and not one of the many who continue to struggle and let fear stop them from succeeding.  Lets Do This Together!

Michael – January 2020

p.s. after you sign up I will personally be in touch with you and guide you on your journey – you will not be alone – I promise.