Most of the important decisions I have made in my life were made while under stress, and resulted in consequences that caused many challenges and issues.

Does that sound, look or feel familiar to you?

Understanding how to make a decision can be a skill in itself. Regardless of what that decision is, we can make VERY good decisions by just asking one simple question:

“What will happen if I do this?”

Look around you and ask yourself how many people do you know, who could have VERY different lives today, if they had asked themselves that simple question before making important decisions?

When we decide on something we can simply go straight ahead and ignore potential risks and unwelcome outcomes.

BUT. If we take the time to ask that single “What will happens if I do this?” question we can avoid many potential pitfalls and unwanted outcomes.

Deciding to break free from the 9 to 5 can be a daunting and even frightening decision to make, but IF that decision is made “what will happen?”. The answer to that question can frighten you or motivate you.

So – what could happen?

You could actually begin to realise your own potential.

You could find yourself with more time to enjoy your life with family and friends.

You could enjoy much better financial freedom.

You could eventually ditch the boss and that job that takes most of your energy and gives very little in return, apart from a salary or wage packet!

If you are considering a move towards a better future, my name is Michael, and I’m here to help with the decision to move your life forward.

Besides being an online entrepreneur, I am a qualified Lifecoach and I can assist you with life changing decisions that you may find challenging.

Reach out to me if you feel the need. I can assure you of my full attention at all times!


August 2021