Is your future worth the price of a cup of coffee a day?


Then what is actually holding you back from taking control of your future?

It doesn’t take money first (even if its as cheap as a cup of coffee).

It doesn’t take skills first.

And….your age doesn’t matter either.

Starting your online venture means you need to, stop wishing, stop putting it off, and stop waiting for something to happen.

Quite simply to begin – you have to BEGIN TO DO SOMETHING! No amount of waiting and hoping is going to make things happen.

Forget about wasting time on you tube watching car videos, or snippets of superstars tearing around the world. Simply use the hours you waste online to create something for yourself and your future.


You find excuses –

“I’m too old” – I was 60 when i started and I’m now online over 18 months.

“I don’t have any skills” – My skillset was limited but a step by step training solved that issue immediately.

“I don’t have the time” – But you have time to waste watching you tube, or hanging out on social media…. and guess what? – It takes an hour a day to get things rolling!

“I don’t know what to sell or promote online” – Once you begin your journey you will have so many choices that the problem will be which ones to choose!

“I don’t have the money” – Money isn’t the first issue! MAKING THE DECISION TO BEGING IS THE FIRST ISSUE!




So – you want more time to live your life on your terms. More freedom to choose how you spend your day. AND earn an income, doing something that gives you the purpose and fulfillment, that you know you deserve.

There is only ONE way, and that is to make the actual decision to BEGIN.

Remember if you want to win the ,lotto you have to buy a ticket and the same is true for starting your online life – you have to begin by buying into the idea and just BEGIN!

Is your future worth a cup of coffee a day?

Of course it is and you know that the real issue is to begin.

Begin today and take that crucial first step. I’m glad i finally climbed down fromn the fence and began to stop trading my time for money in a “day job”.

Spend one hour a day and the price of a coffee and change your life

Coffee anyone?