What is your WHY? In other words, what motivation have you for starting your online business? Why? Because unless your “why” is the correct one, you will fail – guaranteed!

WHY do I want to succeed in the online world? The reason, or reasons, that you have, may be straightforward. But reasons can be fickle. Most people start their online business with great intentions of becoming rich.

They dream of a passive income that allows for travel and luxuries etc. And that’s ok. However, if they are the only reasons, then their venture is likely to fail.


Without beating around the bush, let’s get straight to the point – without a compelling reason to achieve online success most ventures fizzle out. Therefore a reason, or reasons that include more compelling outcomes will by their very nature, provide motivation above and beyone the material ones.

Think of this – if you were asked to walk down your local high street fully naked for 10 dollars, would you do it?

Probably not. Why? Because their are more less embarrasing ways of earning 10 dollars – right?

However, if you were asked to do EXACTLY the same thing and you were guaranteed to raise enough money to save a person’s life, for example, with a life saving treatment, would you do it?

Probably YES!

Now here is the reality- it is the SAME street, the SAME amount of time and the SAME nakedness – none of that has changed – BUT the REASON has.

Remember IF your reason, or reasons, are compelling enough you WILL do much more , even stuff you hadn’t considered before, to achieve your goals.

So – what is your “WHY?”

what are the reasons that will compel you to follow through and become successful;?

Is it – more time with your family? Is it providing an amazing life, education and holidays etc., for them and you? Is it to gain self esteem and make others see you as a successful business person, parent, or partner? And yes – is it because you would like to afford luxuries for yourself, family and friends?

Write down your “WHY”. Pin it next to your laptop or on the kitchen wall. Look at it every day and make it drive you forward.

Remember this. You deserve to be successful and you can be successful…..just do it for the most compelling reasons you can think of and your success is guaranteed.