Parenting and having a digital lifestyle can be the most rewarding “work life balance” experience you ever have.

One of the best experiences that life can give is becoming a parent. The fact that we are responsible for another human being brings out emotions and inner resources that we were totally unaware of.

Unfortunately sometimes, work and career gets in the way of our ability to be the best parents we want to be. We get pulled between the need to provide a living for those we love, and yet we find ourselves sacrificing our time spent with them in the process, just to earn a living.

It feels like simply providing a lifestyle based on money is all we can offer them. Our time is consumed by it. We trade our waking hours for a paycheck, and in the process we become strangers to our own kids.

The guilt of not spending quality time with our children can be the most stressful experience of a parent. We leave the house before they wake, and we arrive home when they are asleep. Weekends are spent trying to recharge our own batteries and we struggle to give them the care and input they need.

Quite simply, we become a slave to our work and the salary it provides. Our colleagues at work see more of us than, our loved ones and we live a life built on “hoping” it will change “one day”.

It never does.

Living a digital lifestyle, that enables us to manage our time better, AND provide the financial resources for our family IS possible, IF we overcome our hesitancy, our fears and our doubts!

Asking ourselves questions can proivide us with answers that can help overcome all our reasons for not making the transition from the “9 to 5” to “digital online business freedom”.

Questions like – “How can I manage to do it with no money and even less time on my hands?”

Answer – Have you actually looked into the above and discovered how much it actually doeas cost, in both time and money?

There are many myths surrounding online business start ups. Yes they take time, yes there is some investment needed BUT it is far less than you mgiht think.

Imagine, being able to investigate your online business options for FREE. That is certainly possible. Imagine being able to create a digital business IN YOUR SPARE TIME – Find out how – Click here – That is possible and lots are doing it. Imagine waking up every morning knowing that you are nearer to being able to leave that time sucking job that you commute to every day?

If nothing changes then nothing changes. Actually deciding to DO something about your situation is liberating and can unleash an energy that you never knew you had. The hope and expectations that you thought were only for others now become your daily mantra as you make progress (even one to two hours a day) towards your online freedom.

Is investigating that (for free) worth an initial few mins of your time?

Give yourself every option to discover your own potential. Your potential as a parent who can provide everything your family needs AND have time for time too. Unleash that potential you know you have and realise your own self worth in the process.