Parenting and having a digital lifestyle can be the most rewarding “work life balance” experience you ever have.

One of the best experiences that life can give is becoming a parent. The fact that we are responsible for another human being brings out emotions and inner resources that we were totally unaware of.

Unfortunately sometimes, work and career gets in the way of our ability to be the best parents we want to be. We get pulled between the need to provide a living for those we love and yet we find ourselves sacrificing our time spent with them in the process.

It feels like simply providing a lifestyle based on money is all we can offer them. Our time is consumed by it. We trade our waking hours for a paycheck and in the process we become strangers to our own kids.

The guilt of not spending quality time with our children can be the most stressful experience of a parent. We leave the house before they wake, and we arrive home when they are asleep. Weekends are spent trying to recharge our own batteries and we struggle to give them the care and input they need.

Quite simply, we become a slave to our work and the salary it provides. Our colleagues at work see more of us than our loved ones and we live a life built on “hoping” it will change “one day”.

It never does.

Living a digital lifestyle, that enables us to manage our time better AND provide an income seems impossible.

We read about it. We hear about it and we even see videos of people “living the dream” but it eludes us.

The above scenario was “the story of my life”. Until recently (2019 actually) I lived in the dreaded “9 to 5” world that actually became the “7 to 10” world and finding time for loved ones was almost impossible.

Seeking alternative jobs that would “fit in” with my lifestyle proved impossible. Many “get rich quick” schemes were tried but to no avail.

I became disillusioned and resigned myself to never finding a “work life balance” before retirement.

Then one particular day in 2019 I came across a link that provided a glimmer of hope.

I clicked on it and after signing up I began a journey that transformed my life.

Today I work at home, in the local coffee shop, or anywhere I care to. Provided I have my laptop and wifi I’m able to be productive, and earn a living doing what I love .

I have the choice of being an affiliate marketer, or delivering my own products and services – or both.

Flexibility is the order of the day and time with friends and loved ones is no longer an elusive dream.

If you REALLY want to begin living rather than simply surviving and genuinely feel the need to be there for your kids and others whom you love, then you owe it to yourself to at least look at the opportunity that lies right here, just a click away.

Michael – September 2020