There are many reasons for starting an online business. Reasons are not an issue – we usually have a few.

The real issue we have for NOT starting anything is usually overcoming the fear of beginning something that isn’t familiar. Yes – the fear of stepping out of our comfort zone, is the most common reason for staying in a state of perpetual limbo.

A lot of us a re paralyzed in the one moment that describes our day, our week, our life. That moment of “I really want to but I just cannot right now”.

The moment in which we keep finding excuses. The moment of “maybe tomorrow”. The moment that will eventually become the moment that will describe our lost opportunities.

So – you have a reason, or reasons, to start out on your own path. A path of freedom from the suffering of the daily grind. A path that defines you. Fear gets in the way.

How do you overcome that fear?

Is it a fear of uncertainty? A fear of failure? A fear of losing whatever security you currently have (or convince yourself you have)? Is it a fear of the unknown? A fear of whatever you can construct in the moment?

Regardless of what your fear is the only way forward is to confront it. Stare it in the face, make a decision to test it, and then move in a direction that feels different (remember different is not always fearful – it can be exciting).

One of the real reasons for seeing people as more successful than you are is because they have done ONE thing different that separates them from you.

They are no different, maybe have less to use and more to lose than you have, and maybe even are more fearful of their fears than you.

But – the main reason they are seeing and obtaining more freedom and success than you is simply because they made that decision to move forward. they have chosen to confront their fears ( mostly unfounded fears) and to take that FIRST STEP to changing their life.

Making that first step has an incredible effect on our outlook. Actually clicking on a button and following through has more power than all the wishing and hoping and dreaming you can do.

Michael 2020