Online business start up costs can vary enormously. However, starting an online business, is still a fraction of the cost of starting a traditional high street venture.

Traditional businesses incur expenses like, rents, rates, stocking costs, implementation of safety and health obligations for staff and customers, heating and lighting, and equipment, to name a few.

Online businesses while they do require some investment are much less demanding – especially in start up mode. This is basically because they are easily to set up and more easily scalable, as they mature and grow.

The typical cost of a traditional set up might be at least a five figure sum, whereas many successful online operations have started out with three figure sum investmants.

Online business begins with an idea – which is free if you already have one. This is usually followed by purchasing a domain name for around 10 to 15 dollars. following that you have website creation costswhich can actually be free depending on your level of need, but a professional set up is still cheap and many are less that 100 dollars per month.

For your 100 dollars or less, you get – hosting, security tools, creativity tools, some images, business email set up, contact forms and lots of plug ins as well as professional support. And support is one of the main contributors to the success of an online start up.

A word of warnng however. While financial investment in an online start up is relatively cheap, the time and commitment you need to put into it is high. Hours, days and weeks of continous tweaking and marketing of your online venture will be the norm if you wish to succeed.

The rewards are high however once established and online ventures, properly set up and maintained make money even while you are sleeping.

If you are short on ideas you can still enjoy the benefits of owning an online business by becoming an affiliate marketer. See these videos and discover more about affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is choosing a particular niche or niches and setting up an online site that promotes goods and services from those niches,

For example, you may have a passion for Coffee. You set up a website “all about coffee. You populate it with stories of how much you enjoy coffee, how popular it is, the history of coffee, the different flavours, the origins of different varieties that you get in the costas and the starbucks of this world etc,. etc., Anything and everything “coffee” is the point.

Now once you are set up, you become and “affiliate” or “agent” for various coffee suppliers who provide you with your unique links to their website. Someone visits your website, reads a bit they like about coffee, then click on your installed link. This takes them to the suppliers website where they buy some coffe and voila – you get a commission.

A very basic example but thats the principle of affiliate marketing, and there are people out there earning a living and more from it.

You Can start for LESS than a cup of coffee a day

Whatever path you choose, go heavy on the commitment and the rewards will follow!