What is affiliate marketing, and how does it work?

Affiliate marketing is one of the backbones of the ecommerce world.
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People from all backgrounds, stay at home parents, entrepreneurs, working moms and dads, retirees, teenagers, even kids as young as 6 or 7 are doing it.

Websites, social media, video platforms, or anywhere you can connect with an online audience, provides the opportunity to do it.

So what is it? Quite simply, affiliate marketing is promoting and selling goods, and / or services from other individuals, or companies, for a commission.

Most online businesses have an “affiliate program” that enables affiliate marketer’s, like you and I, to sign up and start getting fees for selling their offerings.

An very basic example could be coffee. You may have a passion for coffee and you decide you can sell it based on your experience as a coffee “connoisseur”. So you set up a website (and maybe other pages like facebook, instagram etc),and you write about your passion for different coffees etc.

Next you sign up to a company who sells and delivers coffee worldwide. After registering as an affiliate. they provide you with a link or banners that you place on your site(s). Then, when anyone clicks on those links and goes from your site to the companies site, and purchases coffee, you get a commission. It is that simple. Whether it’s coffee or submerged boats (honestly) you can sell it on the internet and get a commission!

Have you an idea or a passion you can turn into an online money making opportunity?

There are thousands of people all over the world working as affiliates and the market is growing yearly. The shopping habits of people have changed, and online business shows no sign of slowing, so affiliate opportunities are numerous.

Some affiliates do it as a side hustle and make enough for a few luxuries. Others make it their main source of income, and many are making regular four, five, and six figure sums from it. The more commitment the more reward, is the key!

Whether you are struggling with your current job, retired, a stay at home parent, a working mom or dad, or even a budding entrepreneur, the opportunity is here right now to get involved.

A word of caution – setting up any online venture requires knowledge and skills. Just like any business there is a self investment involved, however it is a fraction of the cost of a bricks and mortar business. Some affiliates set up their whole operation for less than a few hundred dollars, and their commissions then provide a huge return on their investment. The main investment is basically you and your commitment.

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If, because of the current covid-19 crisis you have some time to spare, then now is the perfect time to get involved

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