What has a flight attendant and an oxygen mask got to do with online business?

Long before the Covid crisis I paid a visit to a friend of mine in Europe. I traveled by plane, and as we taxi’d to the runway for take off, the flight attendant began the mandatory safety announcement.

You know the one – it includes lifejackets, whistles, cabin lights etc. It also includes the “oxygen mask” demonstration. The attendant describes how the mask drops down from the ceiling and tells us to pull down on it, then place it over your face etc, She then says “be sure to attend to your own mask first – before helping children and others”

Now, I’ve heard this safety announcement numerous times (i’m sure you have too) but that bit suddenly hit me hard – “be sure to attend to your own mask first – before helping children and others”

I realised how much that actually related to my life and many other peoples live’s too. For years I had been trying to find a way out of the rat trap of the 9 to 5 existence but had always been sabotaged by one thing. The need to provide for my family and to pay the bills so we could all survive. My life was dictated by that thought process and I was at times, totally depressed but knew I couldn’t give up, so I just kept on going. Miserable, but paying the bills.

Oxygen,Happiness and Lifestyles

The oxygen mask demo suddenly made me realise that I was starving my self of my “oxygen” (aka happiness, lifestyle etc.) and always tending to my families needs first. It had got to the point where I was totally drained and depressed.

In that moment I understood my attitude had to change. I had to take care of my own “oxygen supply” first. Unless I did that I would eventually suffocate (and if you don’t do it at thirty eight thousand feet you die and you are no good to ANYONE else). I finally realised I HAD to change how I lived, and how I worked, in order to be the person that my family deserved. Not the unhappy, never at home, occasionally depressed guy they currently lived with.

Something else happened too. Later that month while I was thinking of how to best leave my job I was in the bathroom prior to going to work. My young son walked in and I noticed he had grown since I had last seen him. Being away from home working, had cost me the most precious thing of all – missing my son and daughter growing up! My mind was made up – I needed my own oxygen supply and I needed to spend more time with my family!

I resigned that day!

Over the next weeks and months I researched, and tried out, numerous online lifestyle strategies, because I knew that a digital lifestyle was the way I wanted to go.

I discovered what I already had known but still thought it “wasn’t for me”. Having thought about being a digital entrepreneur in the past has always made me feel this way and I felt the old enemy whisper in my ear “you’ll never do it”. I thought about it more and decided that my fear wasn’t failure – it was making a leap into the unknown that scared me. But ” “what if” I said – what if I could find a way to create an online lifestyle while still working and gradually make the transition from the “day job” to running an online business?

I eventually found a program that allowed me to do just that.

I discovered an online module based EDUCATIONAL program that does all this:

  • Module 1 Build A Business From Scratch 
  • Module 2 Financial Rewards Insights
  • Module 3 Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 4 Real Case Studies That Provide Evidence Of Both FREE and PAID Advertising Success Stories
  • Module 5 Launching Your Website (you have access to all the tools via your “Digital Business Lounge” area)
  • Module 6 Content Creation
  • Module 7 Building Your List Of Subscribers

Daily Live Training Sessions
Event Footage From Previous Live Training Events 

It gets even better – 
Access to Linkedin Learning IS INCLUDED – over 10000 online training courses – just too many to list (this alone is worth approximately 30 dollars a month!! You can even get your “Parnership With LinkedIn” certificate for completed courses!!!)

It was my “oxygen” 🙂 – I signed up and the rest is history.

Today I have an affiliate business promoting different goods and services that provide and income and as I am a trained life coach and corporate trainer, I am beginning to develop my own “brand” of coaching delivery using my new online skill set.

If you need to find your “oxygen mask” and discover the benefits listed above then simply – HERE IS THE BEST OFFER I’VE EVER SEEN  – it covers everything listed above and more.

Right now there has never ever ever been a better opportunity to explore your online dream and turn it into a reality that will change your life and the lives of those around you.

Don’t wait until you “suffocate” right here on the ground. Take care of your own mask first and ask yourself Are you ALL IN?