What is your vision of your future? Have you a plan? Where will you be in a month, a year or a decade from now? Will you continue to be “locked in the moment” or will you be free and living life on your terms?

Vision is a gift that we all have but seldom cultivate

In 401 BC the Persian prince Cyrus (son of Darius) attempted to take over the empire from his brother the king. However there came a point where Cyrus and his ten thousand hired Greek mercenaries were losing the battle. They fled to inner Persia and became trapped.

The Persians tricked Cyrus and his generals into discussing a truce but were all killed. Meanwhile the Greek mercenaries knew they were doomed and waited for their fate of death or slavery.

Among them was a man called Xenophon, who had come along to document the rebellion. He was a student of Socrates and he believed in what he called “the supremacy of rational thinking”. He had practiced this kind of thought process for many years and was always seeing the “big picture” while understanding the detail in front of him.

Xenophon’s Vision

The night before the Greeks were to be captured Xenophon had a vision of what was needed to get back to Greece. His vision saw the Greeks moving with the element of surprise, sacrificing everything for speed and putting distance between themselves and the Persians. He saw the terrain they would encounter, the route and the dangers they would face along the way. He also saw the allies they could depend on during the journey and he envisioned them abandoning their wagons, living off the land while moving faster and faster even through winter.

His vision was so strong, and he communicated it with such passion, that even though he had no military experience, the mercenaries made him their general and followed him. It took years, overcoming challenges and rethinking strategies along the way but they finally made it to the Mediterranean sea and home.

Those soldiers were “locked in the moment” – they saw no way out, no way to escape theoir situation and it required someone with “vision” and a plan to motivate them.

Like those soldiers, when all we see is simply a narrow view of our situation, we find difficulty in planning any alternatives. We fail to prioritize, and we therefore are lacking in ideas to create a future. All we see is what those Greek mercenaries saw – prisoners of our own thought process, and our hopeless situation.

Your Own Vision

Now is the time to tap into your visionary power and create your future. Begin, and devise your plan to become the force you know you can be. Stop settling for your fate in this moment, and realise it is only temporary, IF you move forward. Stop listening to the opinions of others who fear opening their mind to change. Stop entertaining the option of having no options!

Think of what can go right. Think of the approach you need to become that successful person you know you can be. Fast forward to where you want to be in a month a year or five years and work backwards to today and you will realise that today is where the most difficult part of that journey is. Because if you don’t make the decision today it will NEVER happen.

Raise your standards, and escape from being permanently locked in the moment.

To begin with, you will need skills, guidance and support. All those things, and more, are ready and waiting for you right here right now.

See how you can create your future by becoming self sufficient and free from the opinions of others who simply want to remain stuck in the moment. Discover how having a vision and a plan can make the journey amazing and the destination full of rewards.