Self isolation, enforced isolation or simply living alone brings either hopelessness or opportunity.

For those of us who experience the hopelessness, there is the reassurance that this will eventually pass. However, if we need to, we should reach out for help via our friends, relatives, and even official services, in order to cope better with it.

If you are one of those who is struggling now I urge you to seek help. Ask on social media. Pull a family member to one side, or call them on the phone. Remember, just because a country is in lockdown does not mean you lockdown your thoughts, fears and anxieties.

For others there is opportunity in this bizarre environment. Some of us will read that book we never got a chance to before. Movie buffs are in heaven and spoiled for choice. Any one who has artistic aspirations can indulge themselves in writing, painting or whatever they choose.

Many too, will be reflecting on past choices and asking questions about future ones. Maybe you are one of those, who will use this time to consider a change of direction in part of your life?

Value Based Choices

I’m going to predict something here. The choices we make under normal circumstances (as in pre covid time) would have been driven by circumstances and be somewhat a “reaction” as opposed to a choice. This time we are experiencing a totally different set of events, and it is likely that our choices will be more “value based” than simply a reaction.

The point of this post is this – If you are making choices for tomorrow. If you are now certain that change is inevitable. And if you know that your future self will avoid all past mistakes, then your decisions will now feel different.

Why? Because your values are now driving your bus. Simply put – Decisions based on dishonored values will end in failure. Value based decisions will succeed.

There is no call to action here. No sales pitch. No deadline offers. Simply a request that you be kind to yourself. Come out the other side of this experience with the knowledge that you are more than what you are demonstrating to the world. Ask yourself what your true values are. Tell yourself you are talented (at something). Decide that you are no longer accepting life as it happens. You are going to make it happen. Make decisions BASED ON WHAT YOU VALUE AND BASED ON WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU!

My name is Michael – I too am self isolating as I write this. I am spiritually connected with you right now and I am sending you all my love and best wishes. Stay safe with your loved ones.