The saying “every cloud has a silver lining” could also mean “every crisis presents an opportunity”. There are those too that say “never waste a good crisis”.

The current extreme, almost apocalyptic conditions that are invading our countries, our homes, and our lives, are like nothing we have ever witnessed before. For some it will mean loss of life, others their income, and for all, a changed world. We will, to put it mildly, wake up to a new world order sometime in the coming months. Life as we know it is about to be shaped differently.

The downside is the short term impact. The confusion, the fear of whats to come, and the wasteland to parts of society that will never recover. We will be scarred with memories of sickness, death and a lack of leadership in our lives, careers, businesses and environment.
We will look back in anger at who to blame and will be more selective with who we trust to govern us. We will have reshaped our value pyramid and find that wealth will have swapped places with health, love and the safety of our world.

The upside (and there shall be one) will be the discovery of what we as humans treasure most. The long term views we hold will be focused on time being precious with family and friends. Health will be something we will not just value, but will want to protect it by ensuring our decisions around it are aligned with our daily life. Risking it through stress, the pursuit of the 9 to 5 and the daily grind will become less and less acceptable. Yes we will change how we support ourselves, our families and our lifestyles.

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Overlooked and Underpaid

Imagine waking up next year and commuting two hours to work. Imagine doing that work while being overlooked, underpaid and then returning home to a family that you get to see less and less. No thanks you say……
Imagine realising you spend more time with the people you work with than with them. Imagine the stress, the mental strain and the fact that you are paying for a home you only sleep in, clothes you work in, and maintaining a car used mostly to travel to earn money for it. No thanks again you say……

That’s the reality we have suffered with long enough. But that reality is fading fast for many of us. It’s taken a natural disaster to awaken us to find a better way to live and to understand what is really important in our lives. We are about to change it all.

Over the coming months and years, the traditional lifestyles we have become used to will change. Slowly at first, but in the long term we shall be more conscious of what we value most, and our careers, jobs, salaries and paychecks will become secondary to it all. Life, love and the pursuit of happiness will be the driving force for those of us who have always really wanted it anyway.

 Are you ALL IN?

Waking up next year will feel different. We will notice things about ourselves and our environment that we have overlooked. We will work differently and have a totally different attitude to the work we do. We will no longer fit our lives into a crushing and demoralising routine. We shall first have a life, and second fit the other stuff into it only where we have time and space for it.

My name is Michael and I dedicate my life to helping others find a more rewarding life away from the stress of the daily grind. I actually make a living online by helping others to do the same and to show them how to do it from home or anywhere. I hope this article and others on my site help you find a better life…….x

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