Do you desire to ditch your 9 to 5 job? Having worked in the 9 to 5 environment (and met some great people who are still friends) I came to a point one day where I realised I hated it.

Yes. A strong word, but one that describes how I feel about an environment that uses people for profit. I hated how it pretended to be interested in people’s welfare, but hid behind a veneer of falseness and pretense. (I could say it a lot stronger than that).

My name is Michael, and my mission is to help people like you (under paid, unfulfilled and unappreciated) to ditch the 9 to 5. My life is dedicated to helping you make the transition from the “day job” to a life that supports successful relationships, financial reward, and to enable you become geographically free to do it from home or anywhere.


I worked for a company that promoted itself as a champion for “family and work life balance”. I felt trapped, as they shouted about “best place to work awards”. They wheeled out brainwashed employees who smiled and made it all look shiny. They spent fortunes on advertising and marketing “their brand”. They had headline events that told everyone , including their workers, how amazing they were and “what the future holds” and “how you are a part of it” while everything was simply a way of increasing profits by influencing people’s mindsets.

Why are you here and why would you leave your job?

Maybe you feel inadequate as a parent/partner/spouse because you miss family occasions. Maybe the commute is killing you. Maybe its because you’re paying a mortgage on house/apartment but you only get to sleep there. Maybe it has become overwhelmingly depressing because it feels like things will never change. Maybe you’re concerned that your spouse/partner will give up on you. Maybe it’s because your stuck in a “paycheck to bills, to the next paycheck, to more bills” cycle?

Do you recognise the symptoms?

I do. I left because of most of the above. I took a lower paid position (I was a corporate coach/trainer who got fed up with the bullshit) while I looked around for something that would allow me to express myself, and support me too.

I spent both time and money on self development courses, seminars and many other career improvements, but none appealed. I was looking for control, freedom, a means of financial support, and it was hard to find all that in one place.

After some “diligent digging” I eventually found it. I came across an online community of like minded people, who every day make their own choices, and create their own work/career/lifestyle destiny.

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If we are sincerely looking for a chance to discover our true value. If we know deep down, that we are more than what we are demonstrating to ourselves, and our loved ones, then we owe ourselves this opportunity.

The educational online training system I discovered is here. You get real people, delivering real training and insights. You get to discover, through a video series (delivered free to your inbox), how to investigate your ideas and create your own online presence. You get to interact with people, from all walks of life, who have been through similar experiences, and can understand your circumstances. AND you have an opportunity to “earn as you learn”!

Everything about the education is designed to enable you to build a lifestyle that supports you on many many levels. I could go on and on about the 1 to 1 support you get, the community based interactions, and the value behind the training etc. , but I’d rather you did that for yourself.

Have you the passion and the commitment to do this?

The program is designed to allow you to create your online venture while you are still working. Every day from now on you can go to work knowing that you are a day closer to taking control of your own life, professionally and personally.

After you investigate it you can have my contact details (facebook as well as email address etc) and I will happily answer your questions. I am DEDICATED to helping people ditch the 9 to 5 (or any job that is causing them stress, anxiety and pain), and help them find peace, happiness and financial success in what they do.