We go to work, leaving our loved ones with only a glimpse of us as we wave goodbye. We do the commute from hell. We get to work and crave a gesture of understanding from co workers who have zero interest in our problems. We all have a breaking point.

Our day is spent inching closer to going home again, while struggling to please the boss, the manager, or whoever else we need to answer to. We get to the end of the day, without quitting. We get some relief on the commute home because we are free until tomorrow. But, its a false sense of freedom, because tomorrow, we have to do it all over again.

Home we go, but we’ve brought our working day with us. Our partner, our children, anyone in our way, gets the full impact of our feelings and we muddle through another evening of pain and frustration.

Our Life – Short Term – Long Term

This can be a short term description of our lives. The long term description is the repetition of it. We spiral into a loop of depression, monotony and despair and we tell ourselves that we are going to change it but we never do.

Our thoughts become a circular process – the need for the paycheck, the need to pay the bills, the need to work hard because that’s expected of us. Our life, our identity and our “success”, is all measured by having to conform to this existence. We are prisoners of our fears, and we can’t find the courage to break out of the vicious cycle we have created for ourselves.

Stressful Day
“The most courageous act is to think for yourself

Every day thousands of us wake and experience days like the above. It feels, looks, and sounds, exactly the same as yesterday. Unfortunately the struggle becomes familiar. Our relationships with our spouse/partner and our children suffers, and just as importantly, our relationship with ourselves decays. We lose confidence in our ability to cope and the self fulfilling cycle continues.

Breaking Point

But – everyone has a breaking point. A point where it all becomes unacceptable and the need for change becomes more important. A point where the need to make progress becomes more important than the need to simply survive. When that happens, we at least then, have hope! And when we substitute hope for despair we then have expectation.

My own journey through the dark days of struggle and despair brought me to my breaking point. I had struggled with the fall out of working to simply survive. My relationships had broke down. My depression took over and life just fell apart. My breaking point gave me one choice – continue in this mode and die, or change something, anything and live.

After months of searching for quick fixes and get me out of here solutions, I had all but given up. But – and here’s the reality – when you genuinely want, need, and desire something badly enough, it eventually “turns up”.

What turned up for me was a program that didn’t promise a quick fix – it actually promoted itself on commitment, investing time in the process, and an ability to go on a journey of self discovery like never before. In truth it terrified me but not in a depressing sense-it terrified me in an exciting way and it forced me to make the decision I had avoided every day – the decision to finally escape from the cycle of going nowhere.

Going Somewhere

Today – I’m on a journey. I’m still learning how to “get there” but it is happening and the commute, the job and the days of despair are finally fading. I’m getting nearer to financial self sufficiency, my life has changed so much. My relationships have improved dramatically and my mindset is one of leadership, power and excitement. People are noticing this.

Well, how did things change for me? One day I clicked on a link in a youtube video. I discovered a company that started back in 2006 by two people (Stuart and Jay) who put together a way of helping individuals to make choices and discover their inner values, their ideas around change, and to combine them in a way that gives hope, expectation and control over our daily lives.

The process is one based on firstly understanding your WHY before you DO and therein lies the reason for its success. Explore your ideas. Explore your reasons for wanting your success and then discover how to achieve it. It’s that simple.

When you sign up I am sending you a free video series that explains it all – and it provides the opportunity that allows you to decide if it is what you need.

After you sign up you will have my contact details and we can stay in touch on your journey. I am confident that you will find something of value in it.

Always on your side,
Michael Duffy – February 2020
p.s. the video series is actually a free workshop series that provides you with an opportunity to learn as well as to be informed – be sure to check your bulk mail folder after you sign up