Quitting your job can be a difficult decision to make. Many of us wish to do just that. But if you quit your job what’s next?

Most of my followers know that the purpose of my blog is to help others make decisions about finding an alternative to the “day job”. Every day thousands, even millions, across the world commute to a place they dislike, to do a job they dislike, with people (maybe just some of them) they dislike.

Deciding to quit your job, particularly because it is affecting you mentally, physically, and even disrupting our relationships with those we love, can feel like the hardest thing to do. However, for those of us who have actually done it, it can turn out to be the most rewarding work, and life choice, we have made.

So why quit your job? Most people you ask will tell you they have numerous reasons. The problem is that none of those reasons are compelling enough for them to actually do it.

Staying put it seems is more desirable than finding an alternative. Bizarre indeed.

Let’s therefore, ask the question “why leave my job” in a different way.
How about “what will my life look like in 1 ,2, 3, or more years, if I stay in this job?”

Now we have some serious projecting to be done. The likely outcome is that our pain will increase, and our relationships with others, and ourselves, will definitely get worse. On top of that our health is more likely to suffer, and we can spiral into a loop of depression and despair.

For those of us facing the above challenges, there is however, a solution. The solution starts by answering the question: “why quit my job?” by saying, “I’m quitting my job because I have a plan B and its working.”

My plan B came in 2019 – that’s me in the photo above. The prospect of staying put in a soul destroying job became more painful than facing the unknown. I did however want to leave my job “gracefully”, and not walk out to face an even more stressful situation of being unemployed. So, I researched my “Plan B””.

The approach I used was “preparation”. I went on line and did some serious digging. I’m 60 and I have acquired a nose for “snake oil” solutions that can promise lots, and deliver nothing. I knew what I needed, and I wouldn’t settle for less.

My main priority was to get some control over my life. Particularly over my time and my finances. Therefore, the logic was to find an online alternative to the 9 to 5. It needed to provide me with freedom to work from home, or anywhere. The ability to make money was obvious, but it also needed to provide me with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Finally, I discovered an online educational system. I can honestly say it delivered everything I needed. It gave me the choice to become an affiliate marketer, create my own online business or do both! I signed up, and here I am three months later, with a website, digital marketing skills, and a desire to help others to do the very same. It’s inspiring, self fulfilling and it gives me that precious commodity called “Time for me and those I love”!!

What is it?

This program began in 2006 and has transformed the lives of thousands of people like you and I. It is a world class system of education and training, that allows you to “be you”, while learning how to become an online success. You acquire an in depth knowledge of website creation, digital marketing, AND personal development skills, around decision making, that serves to enhance your confidence, not just online, but in your daily life. It’s self development, combined with professional development – and it works.

Believe me when I say that you owe it to yourself to at least try this – I cannot emphasise how good the training is, and how straightforward the step by step process is (even for me at 60 years of age!!)

There is a free on demand workshop series to get you started, and if that’s not enough, you get full support even with the free workshops! Yes – I will send you my personal email after you sign up and provide you with access to all the support you need.

Sign up here and let me know if you have any questions.

Enjoy the journey,
p.s – I forgot to mention that the training gives you the incentive to “earn while you learn” – so it’s a win win for all!