The guy is the picture to your left is me. I’m 61, I’m a grandfather, and I’ve been through a middle age crisis and then some. However,thanks to a few wake up calls and a determination to die happy, I made a few decisions that changed my circumstances. I am now heading into the best years of my life. Yes, middle age gave me challenges but it also gave me choices.

Middle age brings some great things. Life experience. Family growing up in front of us. We may have a hobby or two. We have done a bit of travelling. We may even have saved some money or made investments that hopefully will bear fruit.

Middle age can also bring discontent. Feelings of regret. Opportunities missed. Stress and illness. Financial difficulties. Self esteem issues, and an unfulfilled sense of purpose, about who we are, and where we find ourselves.

Career, and work wise, our situation can be at it’s most challenging. We deal with the stress of doing something we dislike or even hate. We are imprisoned by our need for a paycheck and become a slave to the routine of it all. The commute is killing us and weekends can’t come quickly enough. We just want to escape the toxic workplace and we wonder “where it all went wrong”.

What Do I Want?

Having experienced the disappointment of waking up one day and heading into a workplace that simply left me feeling empty, I asked myself “what do I want” for the millionth time.

I decided that what “I wanted” was control. Control of my time. Control of my contribution to my life and others. Control over my financial situation and control over my future.

Over the years I had spent 000’s on self development courses, open university stuff, books, CD’s and the odd seminar. Yes some were worth it, but here I was looking in the mirror in my fifties feeling sh*t.

Then, on a particular birthday a few years ago – I decided “enough was enough”. I began to do some research regarding my options. A career change in the traditional sense didn’t appeal to me. I couldn’t retire and do voluntary work (simply too poor). Seeking promotion in my own area was like digging a deeper hole for myself. Moving abroad to re invent myself somewhere was attractive but not practical (and I’d miss my kids and grandson).

So.This research brought me to a point where the best options appeared to be in the digital space online. I’d worked in “IT” before and I had a passing interest in online stuff so I wondered if I could “re – invent myself online”?

I did. I actually did.

This website / blog didn’t exist two months ago (its now Feb 2020 if you’re reading this in the future). Two months ago I had zero website building skills, zero digital marketing skills and, I didn’t know anything about putting the two together to create an online business.

Today I’m shocked. I’m only in the middle of this experience and I’m talking to the world online. I’m even making money at it and finally getting some control over my destiny.

The program/system I found was an online step by step educational series that provided me with step by step training to succeed online. It answered all the concerns that I had:
– It must have a proven track record of being successful ( I need to see/read/hear testimonials)
– It must be something I can do in my spare time and eventually allow me to leave my day job
– It must be a system that provides me with ALL the skills I need (my technical / marketing skills may need some help)
– It must be financially “doable” ( I don’t have a lot to invest and if it gives an initial free introduction then that’s GREAT!)
– It must provide me with the freedom to work from home, or anywhere – especially while traveling!

– It must be something I enjoy doing
– It must be something that will give me self esteem, and even allow me to help others make “THAT MOVE” – I want to inspire others to make the change too!!

The rest is history and I have found a niche for myself in the online world that has more prospects than any career I’ve had till now.
Nowhere else could you find a system that delivers education at this level in website building and digital marketing. It quite simply is unique.

Free To Tryou’re seeking a challenge then this is it. It’s never too late to make it. The digital marketplace moves at light speed compared to traditional business and we can achieve more in 6 months online than a bricks and mortar operation can do in a decade.

The introduction to all this (with a learning curve) is a free on demand video series that demonstrates the endless opportunities you can create.
After you sign up I’ll personally be in touch, and will support you all the way. I always say” Together we can do more”.

Michael 1st February 2020