You fear going all in and getting out of the daily grind. You hesitate. You know you can do it – you just cannot seem to make that “leap of faith”. So, you fear “fear” but you should be terrified of regret!

You’re frustrated with your life and need a solution. How do I know this? I know, because I’ve been there.

The biggest, number one reason that stops us is this:
“I’m working in a job I dislike, but I can’t leave it beacuse I need the money to pay the bills, so I stick at it and just hope one day I get a break.
I want to do something, anything, to change this but, in reality, I’m “too scared to take a chance.”
Sound familiar?
It was familiar for me. Stuck in a daily grind, stuck in traffic, and even worse, stuck in a rut.

Two things motivate us. Desperation or Motivation

For me it was desperation (i had tried all the motivational stuff :-). I became desperate about NOT doing something, and honestly, it gave me the motivation to get out of my comfort zone. The thought of standing still became worse than then thought of doing something. In other words the fear of doing NOTHING became more fearful than the fear of actually doing SOMETHING. A simple “flip” became a way out.

I was still left with the need to pay the bills, still needing the job I disliked and still commuting. That was the problem.

This was the solution:
A system that provided me with the following:

Flexibility – I needed to do it in my spare time so I could still pay the bills while learning
Skills – website creation, marketing and content
Support – I had a bit of knowledge but sometimes needed 1 to 1 help
Ideas – I had some ideas but needed a community where i could bounce these around and accelerate the process

After some diligent digging (remember I’d tried lots of stuff before) I finally came across a system that delivers – I can honestly say the rest is history.

Within 3 months I had learned about , website creation, marketing, exploring ideas and even personal and professional self development.
It was a game changer. I went from the point of desperation to a point where hope and expectation became “normal”.

Like me you can start with the free On Demand Workshops . They provide an insight into how you can make the change from your current circumstances to a life on your terms.
When you sign up the free workshops are sent DIRECTLY to your inbox so please check your bulk/spam mail as you don not want to miss out.

As a bonus – After you sign up I’ll be your guide/mentor/1 to 1 support. You have my personal guarantee on that.

Michael – January 28th 2020