You have built your business (or about to) and wondering if it will be the success you wish for. There are many reasons for starting an online venture but there is one particular reason that guarantees their failure. It’s not money by the way. It’s not time or lack of it. It isn’t even the product or service you are selling.

So, what is it?

Lets begin by looking at reasons why we start an online business.
We start because we want freedom, financial independence, time to spend with loved ones (and not time spent commuting to a job we hate). All of these are valid enough and would likely be on every persons list along with other reasons like, feelings of self purpose and control over our lives.

Good enough reasons to start any business you might say and good enough reasons for the business to succeed?

Unfortunately not true.

While all the above reasons are absolutely part of taking control of our life, and building a business we are passionate about. And, while they also contribute to a decision to seek a better lifestyle, with financial independence, they are NOT guarantees for success.

So. What “number one” reason might be better than all the above?

Consider this:

If I asked you to walk naked up and down the main street of your town or village, carrying a sign that stated you were walking naked for 10 dollars/pounds/euro, would you do it?
The answer (I’m guessing) would be a definite NO, and I’m with you on that one 🙂


If I asked you to do the same thing (remember – walking naked down your main street) and the outcome would be that you would raise enough money for a life saving operation for a child (or anyone who desperately needed it), would you do it?
Remember NOTHING else could help this individual – only your naked journey up and down the street. Yes you would I’m sure.

Now – NOTHING about walking up and down the street naked has changed. People will see you. You will feel vulnerable and embarrassed. You will struggle with the same thoughts and fears.
But you do it now because your REASON for doing it has changed.
Same street.
Same people watching.
Same dangly bits hanging out.
Different reason.

That is why our ventures fail to succeed, and wither away…………because we lack a compelling enough reason to keep going and follow through.

What is your compelling reason to succeed? Write it down. When you have that number one reason put it on your wall and look at it every day. Say it over and over again and make it your number one focus for staying the distance and changing your life.

If you have your reason, and you wish to change your life for the better, then welcome to the club.
My compelling reason became too difficult to ignore and………… after I thought of one reason, I found many more.

You at least owe it to yourself to put it to the test and you can start that process by watching your FREE ON DEMAND WORKSHOP and begin your journey.

Michael Duffy 2020

p.s. I promise to be with you 100% and will constantly remind you of your compelling reason to become a successful online presence………..and I will help you find your place in the online world and discover your true value.